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Yuna Kim’s management threatens legal action for false reporting

Mar 7, 2014, 9:49 AM EDT

Yuna Kim AP

Yuna Kim‘s management agency warned it will take legal action against media and social networks over false reporting after several reports in recent days about a relationship between the figure skater and a South Korean hockey player.

The agency, All That Sports, confirmed Thursday that Kim is dating national team hockey player Kim Won-joong, adding that most of the reports concerning her dating news was true.

In a press release Friday, All That Sports said there has been speculative reporting that can be seen as defamation and a serious breach of privacy, according to Yonhap News Agency.

Kim won silver in Sochi and has retired from competitive figure skating.

Yuna Kim happy that ‘absurd’ situation is finished

  1. vivagelato - Mar 9, 2014 at 12:21 AM

    Perhaps her management team is worried about speculative reporting in part due to the IOC putting a false quote on their website regarding the skating competition. “Kim was magnanimous in defeat: “She put on a great show,” said the Korean of her young Russian rival. “She’s a very technical skater and was very difficult to beat tonight. I saw her in Innsbruck as part of my role a games ambassador. We both battled for gold tonight, but she managed to come out on top.”

  2. dasunaussprechliche - Mar 12, 2014 at 11:51 AM

    Hello. There was a fabricated quote on the IOC website, but this lawsuit is not about that (the IOC problem has already been rectified, according to the Korean media).

    The lawsuit is about Korean tabloids, websites and internet trolls on her relationship with an ice hockey player.

    There has already been some misunderstanding about this in the U. S. media (in the Chicago Tribune article), because they wouldn’t have access to the tabloid-level stuff in Korea, but Kim is not trying to sue the IOC, and she said as recently as yesterday that she is a Sochi “silver-medalist”.

    As for the relationship, it wasn’t announced by Kim’s people, but was revealed by a gossip website, and they confirmed it, probably because they didn’t want to make things worse. Now people on Korean portal sites actually expressed concern (considering what he does for living and how old he is) and wondered if she isn’t too naive, as if she is their own daughter.

    Then the tabloids joined in, by dredging up some (real or imagined) dirt on the guy (please don’t ask me what it is), and this gave the trolls the chance to have too much fun in mocking Kim (and again, don’t ask me what they wrote either please). Because the portal sites were flooded with new articles about them, Kim’s people had to do something (cyber bullying is a criminal offense in Korea, as it has been a problem).

    Now all these being on the internet, where people forget as fast as they get riled up, I don’t know whether they will mean much in the long run, but in the present, the Korean media are not being very kind to Yuna Kim.

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