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Amid controversy, Adelina Sotnikova only focused on winning ‘new golds’

Feb 21, 2014, 8:45 AM EDT

sotnikova21AP AP

SOCHI, Russia – The day after a judging controversy swirled around figure skating, newly-crowned Olympic champion Adelina Sotkinova had her mind on one thing: more gold medals.

The 17-year-old registered the second-highest free skate score in Olympic history, besting 2010 Olympic champion Yuna Kim for the gold medal. Italy’s Carolina Kostner was third.

“This isn’t the end. There are new golds to win,” a smiling Sotnikova told a packed press room. “There are the World Championships – I want to win there. I only have a silver at the European Championships; I want to win gold there. I want all the gold that there is.”

Sotnikova’s win has been questioned by fans and insiders alike, but experts point to one important factor: the Russian completed one more triple jump than Kim. She also skated unharnessed in a free skate where Kim and Kostner were clean, yet safe and restrained in their performances, giving Sotnikova a higher component score.

VIDEO: Compare routines of Adelina Sotnikova and Yuna Kim

“For me yesterday Adelina was the champion,” said Eteri Tutberidze, the coach of Yulia Lipnitskaya, Sotnikova’s teammate. “It all goes into a package. If you look at all of the components of the skating, she was the champion. Yuna Kim is a strong skater, a strong person. But for me, Adelina won the skating.”

Sotnikova’s coach, former world medalist Elena Buyanova, said the Russian coaches came together in 2010 after the figure skating team won just two medals, its lowest count since the 1976 Innsbruck Games.

“After Vancouver we had to sit down with all the coaches and analyze what was happening,” Buyanova said. “We could not imagine any better training conditions now; we have had the full support of the Russian sporting bodies.”

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Sotnikova becomes the first Russian woman to win gold at the Olympics. Ladies had won a total of just three silvers and bronzes, most recently by Irina Slutskaya (silver in Salt Lake and bronze in Torino).

It was a disappointing end of the Games for the 15-year-old Lipnitskaya, who had won the ladies’ portion of the team event – in which Russia claimed gold – yet faltered to fifth place in the singles event.

“After the end I was very disappointed,” Lipnitskaya said. “I just couldn’t focus during it because I was so tired. I felt sad. It was just too much. Last night I cried and cried. But still, No. 5 in the world is not something very many people can do.”

Calls have been renewed for figure skating’s judges to be identified. A panel of nine judges is named, though just five of their scores are used after each skate. Those five judges are not identified.

“We play by the rules that this game is offering us,” said Peter Chernyshov, Sotnikova’s choreographer. “I don’t think we’re in the position to promote new ideas. At this point we’re focused at following the rules and doing our best.”

“It’s hard to find the ideal system that would work for everyone,” he continued. “It’s not track and field where you run faster than someone. It’s very subjective.”

Both Lipnitskaya and Sotnikova said they’re looking forward to the World Championships next month in Japan. It will be Lipnitskaya’s first, while Sotnikova was ninth there a year ago.

VIDEO: Watch Sotnikova’s routine

With her gold, she becomes the first Olympic champion not to have medaled at Worlds before her win.

The teenagers credit one another for pushing Russian skating to the next level.

“It’s good to have someone on the team that makes you go forward,” Sotnikova said of Lipnitskaya. “I have to say thanks to Yulia because she is my rival. It’s not over yet. This season took a lot of nerve, but there are still World Championships, and I want to win there.”

  1. doctorrustbelt - Feb 21, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    There is no controversy.

    Sure… Koreans, American foreign policy hardliners, and people swayed by the management team who ofthe 7th highest paid woman athlete (Yuna Kim) think Yuna Kim should have one… but… the FACT is Adelina Sotkinova was better than the 2010 Olympic Champion.

    • mmm8888 - Feb 21, 2014 at 4:36 PM

      I agree! Yuna and Carolina were wonderful – Adelina was better – she deserves gold – as much as the others deserved silver and bronze. They should stop all this silliness and let her enjoy her gold!

  2. winky97 - Feb 25, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    There were two programs in case you guys have don’t remember since everyone wants to focus only on the long. Adelina did a junior level jump combination in the short but thanks to generous judging she was almost event with Yuna Kim and ahead of Carolina Kostner. Adelina shoud have been in fourth place going into the long program and 10 points behind Yuna Kim. Adelina is not the least bit artistic, yet they had those scores almost even with Yuna Kim. I will give her credit for the jumps and spins but nothing more. She and all of her fans need to accept that she benefited from generous scoring and stop pretending that she won on her own. She looked like a joke at the Gala almost tripping on those flags. She did not deserve the gold, but she should enjoy it for now.

    I can’t wait for Worlds because she is definitely not winning. Her 15 year old teammate has a better chance than she. It is possible she won’t even medal depending on who shows up.

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