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Video: U.S. swimmers asked if they pee in the pool

Jul 10, 2013, 7:18 AM EDT

Universal Sports recently posed a question to the U.S.’ top swimmers that might be just as tough for you or I to answer.

Have you ever peed in the pool?

In the video, 15 current and former U.S. swimmers offered varying responses. Legends Janet Evans and Rowdy Gaines, perhaps using their experience with tough questions, would not answer, while Cullen Jones offered a staunch denial.

“I would say … no,” said Jones, a role model for many children as a Make a Splash ambassador raising awareness teaching kids how to swim. “Definitely not. I’ve never peed in the pool.”

Just about everyone else came clean, though.

“I try not to,” Missy Franklin said.

Tyler Clary and Matt McLean didn’t hold back. They do so, frequently.

“That would be like asking somebody if they’ve ever brushed their teeth,” Clary said. “Of course I’ve done it. In fact, I do it probably a couple of times a day without even realizing it myself.”

“The pool is the largest urinal that I’ve ever seen,” McLean said. “I really don’t think I ever get into a pool without peeing in it.”

Twelve-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin was probably the voice of reason.

“Everyone pees in the pool,” she said. “And anyone that says that they don’t is a liar.”

The most famous admission came last summer, when Ryan Lochte said on TODAY that he peed in the pool during warm-ups at the London Olympics.

British prime minister David Cameron caught wind of the comments.

“I was surprised to hear that,” he told Metro. “It’s not OK to pee in the pool.”

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      Pee is filtered directly from your bloodstream. It’s a lot cleaner than, say, saliva, or the water that comes in contact with your rear end. When you’re talking about a few quarts of pee (which is mostly water) diluted in tens of thousands of gallons of chemical-treated water… meh.

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